1. Use this website and links to get additional information about the legal issues you may be facing and ways of resolving them.

2. Call for a brief (up to 15 minutes) free telephone consultation to explore whether I can be assistance to you. If you do not reach me immediately, please leave a message, including your name, time of your call and the number you can be reached at. I return all calls within 24 hours.

3. Book an in-person consultation. I offer a discounted price of $300 plus $39 H.S.T., for an initial consultation of up to 90 minutes.

What to expect from an in-person consultation

1. This is the time for you to provide detailed information to the lawyer regarding the issues you are facing and learn about options for resolving them. Bring along with you all the documents that you think are relevant and the lawyer should look at. Think in advance about the facts that you may wish the lawyer to know about.

2. The lawyer will receive your information and review pertinent documents. He will discuss legal options available for resolving your issues and provide estimates of costs and expenses for each of the options discussed.

3. Should the prospective client decide to hire the lawyer, the lawyer and the client will discuss the terms of the hire. A written agreement will be prepared following the consultation and offered for signing to the client.