The advantages of obtaining professional legal assistance:

At the initial consultation, a lawyer may save you a lot of time through a focused analysis of your issues and explanation of legal system and process. Even if you decide to take on the matter yourself, you will gain a better understanding of how to proceed with your matter and navigate through the legal system.

People often feel emotional about their issues and their emotions may get in the way of seeing clearly and making the best decisions. Hiring a lawyer helps to diffuse emotions and move the matter forward efficiently relying on the lawyer’s expertise, knowledge and experience.

Modern law is complex and may seem as an insurmountable labyrinth of procedural rules, statutory and case law. Going through this “labyrinth” alone may drain one emotionally, psychologically and financially. While the lawyer needs to be paid for his services, the client will save time and expense it would inevitably have taken to determine and deal with the legal issues alone without legal support.

Legal services can be expensive. I am committed to providing assistance in the most efficient and cost saving fashion. Before any step can be undertaken on behalf of the client at his/her instruction, the estimate of costs and expenses will be thoroughly assessed with the client for the purpose of ascertaining the most cost effective option.

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